Friday, July 25, 2008

Recovery Part 2

His incision was again leaking stool and his kidneys were trying to shut down. He was having one blood transfusion a day sometimes twice.

The surgeon interns where checking on him and realized that there looked as though there was fluid under his incision. They ended up opening it up and it drained a lot of dark blood. Dr. L. Who was a resident in the NICU told me all about it. They put in a penrose drain which basically looks like a little paper tube and it just drains to gravity. JT also had pressure dressings and a wet to dry dressing on his incision because now the incision was open and they wanted him to heal from the inside out.

Ok, I am not going to lie. It was gross. Stacy looked at it. I didn’t. They would have had to of scraped me up off of the ground. But, I did when I could, hold his hand with my eyes closed.
After the blood was drained, he was so much more comfortable. JT was still on the vent but, getting much more better. He was still having problems with his kidneys and not hardly urinating. So, they inserted a catheter to collect it and were testing it.
He had one bad night were his blood pressure kept dropping so, they gave him some dopamine to regulate it, this would also help with his pee issues. His kidneys were trying to shut down but, with the dopamine, it helped regulate his blood pressure and urine output.

Here is an excerpt from my CaringBridge Journal at that time.

Ok, here is what is going on. They decided not to do surgery. They are going to watch and wait.
He had a rough night. His blood pressure dropped and he is on dopamine to bring it up. He isn't giving any urine output and that is unusual because of the lasix they gave him. He should be peeing like a champ right now and he isn't. His potassium is high and sodium is low. So, they gave him some kind of enema that will help with that. Plus, they gave him a saline bolus to see if that will make him pee. They also inserted a catheder (my goodness how do you spell that?)
The surgeon is up there right now looking at him and the dr and the intern and the kidney doctor and they are all working on a plan let's pray they fine one that works.
He is not in any pain. They upped that too.
I can't think right now of what else they did. He is just really sick right now.
Vicky was his nurse last night and she said she loved on him and gave him a pep talk and talked him through everything she had to do to him and that it was to help him not hurt him. I really love that lady. She is awesome. Well, that is all for now.
All?? Really that is alot.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2007 08:36 PM, CST
Johnathan's incision opened up and the surgeon took out all of the stitches and now they have wet to dry dressing on it. They are going to put a wound vac on tomorrow.
But, he is peeing buckets and his blood pressure is stablizing.

Johnathan had a relatively quiet night. They turned his oxygen down to 21% that is room air. They had to give him 2 extra doses of fentanyl and a dose of versil. He was in alot of pain. He is right now zonked out and not caring at the moment which is good. That is the way I want him. I don't want him to be in pain and panicky like. The wound vac goes on today and hopefully this will help him heal.

More on the Wound Vac later.

I think I am getting to the point where I can post some more of this up. I just sometimes get to where I am reliving it and it is a hard process. I prayed about it and I felt the Lord was telling me to take a break from it and I did. So, hopefully I am back at it.

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